Olivia Buckley International

Fate, Destiny and Pursuing your Dreams

After an incredible 2017 for us at Olivia Buckley International and as we embark on an exciting year ahead, I feel overwhelming gratitude for the wonderful experiences that we have had. I took some time to reflect on what it is that drives my business ambition and love for what I do.  

“The name Olivia is derived from the word Olive and refers to the Olive tree. In ancient Greek history, Olive wreaths were traditionally worn by brides. Fact or fate? Either way it appears that the stars were aligned from the very beginning and guided me on my journey in becoming an Event Planner”.

I have always had a fascination as to how people end up in their chosen professions. If you take a moment to ask someone what they were like as a child and things they remember about their play as children, their eyes light up as they tell you about building forts, adventurous woodland treks, video game obsessions, writing in private diaries or poetry and play recitals. Whether introverted or extroverted (or both), the competitiveness, creativity and leadership qualities that they displayed as children is fascinating and incredibly revealing.

When people ask me what I was like as a child, I always remember one incident in particular where I decided to take it upon myself to clean out and “redecorate” the chicken coop. The joy that I took in taking something, be it an object or an area and transforming it into something else has obviously stayed with me to this day and explains a lot about my field of work! As a child, I loved entertaining; inviting my friends over, hosting parties, creating an environment where people came together to have fun in well thought out surroundings decorated with my prized possessions and anything else I can “borrow” from around the house.

Destiny is an interesting concept and one that not everyone believes in. Whatever you take from it, this hidden power believed to control future events is an interesting concept to explore. Listening to ourselves is so important and the key to our happiness. While many people cannot make a living out of their hobby, it is so important to include elements of what brings joy to your life on a daily basis. So if believing in destiny reminds us to take a look at what it is we are truly passionate about, what makes us tick, and what makes us happy on a very basic level and if we then pursue that as much as we can, then fulfilling our destiny is inevitable, providing we stay true to ourselves.