Olivia Buckley International



Whether you are launching a new luxury brand, celebrating your presence in the business world or incentivising your top achieving teams, corporate experiences are one of the most effective ways to acknowledge your company’s success and engage with a wider audience. At Olivia Buckley International, we partner with influential global brands, delivering revolutionary and immersive concepts with a personal touch. As Ireland’s premier event management agency, our innovative technologies and proprietary planning system allow us to work seamlessly with clients all around the world. We limit our services to an exclusive number of clients each year, to ensure we can dedicate our time to provide an efficient, streamlined and transparent process from start to finish.


Allow your customers to immerse themselves in your world, one full of creativity, entertainment and intrigue, where you can share a powerful story: your story. Our bespoke brand activations spark engagement, build relevance and fuel your growth strategy. Whether you are showcasing a new product or service, unveiling your rebranding, or simply eager gain more brand awareness, our experienced team ignite the soul of your brand . We look after the logistical management and design delivery to support brand experiences and activations. Our mission is to create engaging events which empower our clients to communicate effectively with their chosen target audience and strengthen their brand, providing the necessary support to ensure the event not only meets, but exceeds all expectations. 


We understand that incentive travel remains the top motivator for high-performing employees.  Our specialties lie in creating memorable, meaningful and motivational experiences in Ireland, allowing you to give your top achievers the public recognition they deserve. It welcomes your team to shake hands with the executive leadership team, and exchange ideas, success stories and challenges with other company trailblazers. We place a huge emphasis on tailoring your team’s overall experience. Every element of your event is carefully and thoughtfully customised to exemplary standards so that your team are taken on an unforgettable journey. Our event experts will go above and beyond so that your team will leave completely in awe of the level of detail invested in making this a once in a lifetime and motivating experience.


We design Executive Roundtable events to reflect the dynamic, innovative and sophisticated guests in attendance. Discretion is at the core of our ethos and we protect our client’s privacy. Our dedication to your privacy ensures that participants can talk candidly, focusing on exchanging knowledge, validating ideas, sharing challenges and gaining new perspectives without risk. We specialise in luxury experiences and creative design, creating custom environments for discerning clients that encourage creative solutions, collaboration and productive outcomes.



The Performance Group, U.S.A.

“I had the pleasant experience of engaging Olivia Buckley International for a very high profile client incentive program in Dublin. Their expertise elevated the evening events to levels that were the absolute highlight and most talked about part of the trip. Olivia Buckley International have the unique vision to see a venue and turn it into a once in a lifetime event that amazes the senses. Their eye for design and decor took evening events to the next level and made this years trip the one that all will be compared to.

I would recommend using Olivia Buckley International for any and all event needs worldwide and as Ireland-wide area experts. Through the planning process all the way to the execution on-site was a smooth and enjoyable planning experience that ended with all expectations succeeded.”