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Olivia Buckley International are proud to be a leading destination wedding planning company in Europe. From our headquarters in Ireland, we have created incredible experiences at many dream wedding destinations — from private islands, exclusive castles and five-star venues, to historical sites and enchanted forest settings. We revel in great parties and specialise in multi-day destination wedding events. Our celebrations reflect your shared history, style, culture and energy; we take those influences and marry them with our intuition to create an experience that is fresh, unconventional and, most importantly, one-of-a-kind. Our attention to detail affords you the luxury of time and the opportunity to be truly present on one of the most important days of your life.


With the flair to reimagine any style, genre, era, space or location, we will combine your distinct personality and taste to create an immersive experience. We bring exceptional resources and creative skills together to create an extraordinary destination wedding  for you. With our international network in each area of design, we can identify which creative vendors are most apposite for your style. Our distinguished creative partners travel from all across the world to work with us and collaborate on one-of-a-kind experiences. 


Our refined procedures ensure you have a seamless journey, with each step of the planning process clearly identified. Detailed timelines act as a transparent planning map, ensuring you are aware and involved in each step of the planning process. Our sophisticated software systems have been designed to to perfectly fit the realms of our unique business needs, creating a highly-productive environment for our team and effortless experience for our clients. Our medley of talented event producers, in-house design team and bespoke luxury concierge are each dedicated to the individual pillars of your planning process. We ensure that our core principles in design and production are rigorously adhered to, allowing for expert execution of your destination wedding.


We are honoured to work on a select number of destination weddings each year to ensure an intimate planning experience with our clients and the teams we work with. From conception to bringing your love story to life, we believe that each wedding is a visual narrative—an intimate story of beauty, form and design that is classic, measured and timeless. Managing multiple time zones, we mould our schedules to accommodate your lifestyle. We have worked with the world’s most renowned sports stars, musical artists, and television personalities. Discretion is at the core of our ethos and we protect our client’s privacy.

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We limit our services to a very exclusive number each year, to ensure we can dedicate our time to each couple and provide an intimate planning experience.



Embrace the possibilities with Europe’s best destination wedding planner. Your wedding can be a dream come true. Contact our expert team and allow us to support you.