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Bride and groom drive in vintage car to Adare Manor for their wedding planned by Olivia Buckley International

Olivia & Daniel Adare Manor Wedding


Welcome to the captivating world of Olivia Amato and Daniel Waldron’s destination wedding at the luxurious Adare Manor, meticulously planned by the renowned wedding planner Olivia Buckley International. Set amidst the enchanting landscapes of Ireland, this extraordinary celebration is a true testament to the beauty and romance that weddings in Ireland hold. Join us as we delve into the exquisite details, from the grandeur of Adare Manor as the luxury wedding venue, to the impeccable planning and design curated by Olivia Buckley International. Get ready to be immersed in a love story that unfolds amidst the stunning landscapes and timeless elegance of this unforgettable destination. Olivia and Daniel’s wedding is a celebration of love, beauty, and the magic that can be found in Ireland’s most exquisite weddings.

The Love Story

Hailing from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Olivia Amato and Daniel Waldron’s paths were destined to intertwine. Olivia, a proud New Yorker who transitioned from a career on Wall Street to becoming a celebrated fitness instructor for Peloton, exuded energy and passion for life and style. Meanwhile, Daniel, originally from Galway, Ireland, made his mark as a manager in the renowned New York nightclub Marquee before venturing into entrepreneurship with his own company, Alexander Nash. Ultimately, he found himself working in the world of finance on Wall Street.

Their love story began in 2015, initially crossing paths during a double date with other partners. Serendipitously, they continued to encounter each other at various weddings and events over the years, albeit remaining focused on separate relationships at the time. However, fate had other plans. Daniel messaged Olivia on Instagram after taking her Peloton class. With both single and available, they decided to meet for drinks, setting the stage for a whirlwind romance that would change their lives forever.

Amidst the unique circumstances of the pandemic, Daniel orchestrated a heartfelt proposal that embraced simplicity and privacy. Knowing Olivia’s deep affection for her dog Tobi, he ingeniously involved their furry companion, having him carry the engagement ring on his collar.

I remember him acting weird for the few days before and actually thinking he was going to break up with me!” She continues, “Daniel says he got drawn in by my smile, big heart, and that I showed him how to enjoy life.


When it came time to choose a wedding destination, Olivia and Daniel felt drawn to their respective roots. With Daniel being born in Ireland and Olivia having Italian heritage, they embarked on a visit to Adare Manor, a venue that stole their hearts. “The second you walk on the grounds, the staff knows your name and are truly so incredible, welcoming, and hospitable,” Olivia gushes about their Irish wedding venue. Adare Manor’s enchanting atmosphere, steeped in history and adorned with remarkable architecture, offered an all-encompassing experience that far surpassed any expectations. It was a place where their love could bloom and their journey together could be celebrated in the most magical way.

Nestled amidst the enchanting Irish countryside, Adare Manor stands as a beacon of elegance and grandeur. With its rich history and timeless beauty, this luxurious wedding venue offers a romantic haven that captures the essence of ethereal celebrations. The stunning Gothic revival architecture and breathtaking landscapes provide an idyllic backdrop for exchanging vows. Adare Manor’s distinction as the host of the prestigious Ryder Cup in 2027 further cements its status as a destination of unparalleled excellence. Meticulously curated to perfection, every facet of a wedding at Adare Manor exudes opulence and sophistication. From lavish reception spaces to impeccable service and culinary delights, guests are immersed in an extraordinary experience. This majestic estate weaves love stories into its very fabric, ensuring that each celebration becomes an unforgettable memory. For those seeking luxury and charm, Adare Manor awaits, ready to create a cherished wedding experience that surpasses all expectations.

Luxury wedding venue Adare Manor Ireland


The couple’s distinct homelands inspired their wedding design. The design married the romance of Ireland with contemporary New York. Soft palettes with elaborate floral arrangements and sleek metals created the perfect homage to Olivia and Daniel’s respective roots. The floral arrangements were shades of white, cream and champagne with the base foliage comprised of 40 shades of green to create a lush, ethereal look. We achieved the glamourous feel with a combination of gold and crystal.


In collaboration with the esteemed Appleberry Atelier, Olivia and Daniel embarked on a creative journey to craft an elegant, classical, stylish, and neutral stationery suite that would set the tone for their wedding day. The suite featured meticulously hand-drawn illustrations of Adare Manor, capturing the intricate details of the period calendar manor house.

From the sophisticated save-the-dates to the exquisite invitations, the illustrations added a touch of whimsy and a sense of connection to the venue. With their exquisite stationery, Olivia and Daniel ensured that their guests would be captivated by the beauty and elegance that awaited them on their special day.


Inspired by a rose garden in bloom, the church florals were simple and classic with a hint of off-white to add warmth. The entrance to the church was encompassed by two magnificent floral urns that flourished into an unrefined arch.

A cascade of florals descended from the interior entrance of the church, framing my entrance as I began my walk up the aisle on an ivory carpet. Along the altar, floral urns rose as a dramatic feature, serving as a dazzling backdrop for the ceremony. A symphony of candles sparked a touch of intimacy from behind the altar.

White floral arrangement for wedding ceremony in Adare planned by wedding planner Olivia Buckley International
White arch installation for wedding ceremony in Adare planned by wedding planner Olivia Buckley International
Olivia Amato wedding ceremony in Adare, planned by Irish wedding planner Olivia Buckley International


With spectacular florals and sleek metals, the banqueting suite was dressed as a romantic, yet ultra-modern oasis. Impressive tall arrangements framed the long banquet tables.

White and cream florals were encompassed by lush greenery. Low floral arrangements were placed across the banquet tables with taper candles and crystal-cut glass votives.

Off-white table linen and napkins created a clean, elegant base for the glamorous centrepiece design. The banquet tables were concealed by brushed gold mirror tabletops and mirror plinths for a modern finish, which reflected the beautiful florals and candlelight. On the round tables, a mix of candleholders and floral arrangements were positioned on a mirror plinth to create an asymmetric, modern design.

The stage backdrop carried a dramatic, heavily swagged, rich-gold drape. The stage was decorated with the urns used at the church, framing the on-stage performance beautifully.

Elegant wedding design for wedding in Adare Manor, Ireland planned by luxury wedding planner Olivia Buckley International


In a captivating display of ethereal beauty, every banqueting table was adorned with an exquisite custom floral installation. Delicately crafted, an L-shaped structure measuring gracefully rose from the ground, arching overhead like a floating garden. Enveloped in lush greenery and adorned with cream and white flowers, the enchanting creation will transport guests to a realm of romance and splendour. The adjacent side of the table will boasted a spectacular floral bridge, while the base of each table will be adorned with clusters of flowers, accompanied by golden vessels housing flickering taper candles and cut glass votives with gilded rims. With dramatic allure, the overall design will exude glamour, intimacy, and pure opulence. Mirrored table tops will reflected the ballroom lights, candlelight, and the mesmerizing floral display

Custom floral installations by wedding planner in Ireland, Olivia Buckley International
White flower installation for wedding in Adare Manor planned by wedding expert Olivia Buckley International
White flower installation for Adare Manor wedding in Ireland designed by wedding planner Olivia Buckley International
White flower installation for wedding in Adare Manor planned by wedding expert Olivia Buckley International
Wedding table design with white floral arch in Adare Manor ballroom, designed by wedding planner Olivia Buckley International


In a grand celebration spanning three enchanting days at the luxurious Adare Manor, guests were treated to an unforgettable wedding experience.


The festivities kicked off with an exquisite rehearsal dinner in 1826 Adare, a restaurant in an Irish thatch-cottage. A traditional local band serenaded the guests throughout the evening. The enchantment continued as the celebration spilled into the charming Adare Village, where a dazzling welcome party awaited in Aunty Lena’s, captivating guests with its fusion of tradition and modernity. “We hosted a welcome party in Aunty Lena’s on Friday, the night before the wedding where signature His & Her cocktails were served. My cocktail was an Irish Gin Fizz and Daniel’s was an Irish Old Fashion.” – Olivia Amato
Irish thatch-cottage restaurant 1826 in Adare Village hosted welcome party for wedding planned by Olivia Buckley International
Wedding couple celebrate their wedding in Adare, Ireland with pints of Guinness
Olivia Amato's welcome party in Adare, Ireland for her wedding celebration, planned by Olivia Buckley International


In a moment steeped in timeless elegance, the holy Trinity Church in Adare Village set the stage for Olivia and Daniel’s grand union. The groom, accompanied by his best man, made a dashing entrance in a vintage white Alpha Romeo, a classic emblem of refined style. As the ethereal notes of a bespoke arrangement by Nova Quartet filled the air, Olivia, radiant and poised, walked down the aisle, accompanied by her father, to the enchanting melodies of “Maestro” by Hans Zimmer, a cherished piece from the movie The Holiday, interwoven withthe sentimental favourite “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses. With the priest traveling from Daniel’s Galway parish to conduct the ceremony, the couple exchanged heartfelt vows, sealing their love in the presence of their beloved friends and family. As the echoes of “I Do” lingered in the sacred space, Olivia and Daniel were whisked away to the embrace of Adare Manor, where their love story continued to unfold in an atmosphere of enchantment and splendour.

Olivia Amato wedding ceremony in Holy Trinity Church, Adare planned Ireland wedding planner Olivia Buckley International
Olivia Amato celebrates wedding with husband in Adare, planned by Olivia Buckley International


The breath-taking banks of the River Maigue at Adare Manor set the stage for a drinks reception. Against this idyllic backdrop, guests found themselves immersed in an outdoor oasis, where glasses clinked and laughter echoed. Adding a touch of electric allure, renowned violinist Laura Zimmerman took centre stage, her vibrant melodies resonating through the air.

Luxury wedding venue Adare Manor on the banks of the River Maigue
Olivia Amato arrives to drinks reception with her husband on wedding day
Olivia Amato celebrates with Peloton colleagues at her wedding celebration at wedding venue Adare Manor


The wedding banquet celebrated the best of Irish cuisine, with a focus on showcasing Ireland’s renowned beef and seafood. Adare Manor’s commitment to sourcing exceptional ingredients ensured guests would have an amazing dining experience. The main courses featured Fillet of Irish Beef with charred Roscoff Onion, burnt leek powder, pommes anna, and vin jus, as well as Halibut with seaweed and cauliflower puree, oyster leaf, Dublin Bay prawns, and a champagne sauce. To add a personal touch, we included a G&T Sorbet made with local distilled gin, Method & Madness Gin, a favourite of the groom.

Olivia Amato in the Adare Manor wedding ballroom designed by wedding planner Olivia Buckley International
Olivia Amato and Daniel Waldron during their wedding banquet at Adare Manor planned by Ireland wedding planner Olivia Buckley International
Wedding venue Adare Manor staging for luxury wedding, designed by Olivia Buckley International


As the evening unfolded in a symphony of celebration, The Event Band took centre stage, infusing the room with an irresistible energy that electrified the atmosphere. Welcoming guests with an upbeat and lively set, they set the tone for a night to remember.

With a remix of ‘Feel the Love,’ the band announced Olivia and Daniel’s grand entrance, a moment that had every guest on their feet, immersed in the infectious rhythm. After a delightful dinner, The Event Band, a sensational seven-piece ensemble boasting vocalists, percussion, electric guitar, DJ, and saxophone, beckoned our friends and family back to the dancefloor with a medley of crowd-pleasing classics and power ballads that carried us into the midnight hour.

But the night had one more surprise in store. Laura Zimmerman, the captivating electric violinist, rejoined the stage, seamlessly blending her LED-lit instrument with the beats from the band’s DJ, creating a mesmerizing fusion of modern sounds and classical charm. As the enthralling lighting show accentuated the pulsating rhythms, the night soared to a crescendo, leaving everyone spellbound by the magical synergy of music, talent, and pure exhilaration.

Musicians and entertainment on stage at Adare Manor wedding planned by Olivia Buckley International
The Event Band performing for a wedding at Adare Manor planned by Olivia Buckley International
Olivia Amato and Daniel Waldron celebrating their wedding at Adare Manor, planned by Olivia Buckley International


The post-wedding day treasure hunt, a beloved tradition orchestrated by Daniel’s father, added an element of excitement and adventure to the festivities. Throughout the year, he made multiple visits to Adare Manor, meticulously mapping out the treasure hunt, crafting clever questions and clues for the guests to unravel. On the day of the hunt, he took to a bicycle, guiding participants and ensuring they stayed on the right path as they explored the magnificent grounds of Adare Manor in search of hidden treasures. While previous hunts often ended with a member of the Waldron family emerging victorious, this time, the coveted win was claimed by a team of four Peloton instructors, adding an unexpected twist to the tale.

Treasure Hunt for Post Wedding Celebration at Olivia Amato's wedding in Adare Manor, Ireland
Treasure Hunt for Post Wedding Celebration at Olivia Amato's wedding in Adare Manor, Ireland


The wedding weekend’s grand finale commenced in the Carriage House with a farewell lunch. As the festivities shifted back to Adare Village, guests immersed themselves in Irish tradition, raising pints of Guinness and joining in a joyous sing song, creating a spirited and unforgettable ending to the celebration.


Selecting the ideal stylist was a priority for Olivia, as she desired to radiate authenticity and confidence on her wedding day and throughout the entire weekend. Julianne Costigan meticulously curated her wardrobe, paying attention to every detail—from outfits and accessories to hairstyles and makeup. Julianne’s expertise ensured seamless coordination and highlighted Olivia’s unique personality and style, ensuring that each look reflected her true self. With Julianne’s guiding touch, Olivia’s fashion choices became a reflection of her inner essence, allowing her to exude a sense of genuine beauty and self-assurance.


Wedding dress designed by Mark Ingram, inspired by Zendaya's 2018 emmy awards dress.


Collaborating with designer Mark Ingram, she crafted a one-of-a-kind gown that captured her unique essence. Inspired by Zendaya’s iconic 2019 Emmy Awards dress, Olivia’s custom creation featured a bodice that reflected her individuality. The gown was beautifully complemented by an ethereal custom cape by Mark Ingram and a veil by Toni Federici, while Atelier Versace shoes and cherished family heirlooms added the perfect finishing touches.

Wedding dress inspired by Mark Ingram Atelier with Ines di Santo bow


After the ceremony, Olivia effortlessly transformed her look, removing the cape and adding an Ines di Santo bow to her gown, along with chic Garo Sparo gloves. With each change, her style evolved, allowing her to fully embrace her desired blend of cool, unique elements and glamorous structure.

Berta minidress shimmering with sparkle


As the party intensified, Olivia donned a dazzling Berta minidress, shimmering with sparkle as she danced into the night. Her outfit was completed by a purse showcasing her new last initial, adding a personal touch.

Clio Peppiatt dress embroidered with the silhouette of her venue, Adare Manor


For the after-party, she embraced custom designs, wearing a Clio Peppiatt dress embroidered with the silhouette of her venue, Adare Manor, and sporting custom rhinestone Pumas by Kate Schaefer.


Bride, wearing a gown designed by Mark Ingram, and Groom, wearing blue velvet Alexander Nash suit, sit on vintage car outside Adare Manor

The groom, Daniel Waldron, made a striking fashion statement on his wedding day with a meticulously crafted ensemble from his own renowned brand, Alexander Nash. Dressed in a bespoke midnight blue velvet blazer, featuring an elegant shawl collar, he exuded a sense of refined style and sophistication. Paired with impeccably tailored black tuxedo pants, Daniel’s attire epitomized modern luxury while paying homage to timeless formalwear traditions.


White bridesmaid dresses

The bridal party fashion embraced a sense of individuality and elegance, as Olivia chose to empower her bridesmaids by allowing them to select their own ivory dresses. Olivia’s intention was to ensure that everyone felt comfortable and beautiful. Working closely with the bridal team, stylist Julianne Costigan embarked on a creative journey to curate a collection of dresses that celebrated the individuality and personalities of each bridesmaid.

First look with bridesmaids in the bridal suite of Adare Manor, Ireland


Every wedding is a cherished privilege, filled with joy and honour as we embark on the journey of bringing dreams to life. Throughout Olivia and Daniel’s magical celebration, there were countless moments that left an indelible mark on our hearts. As we reflect on the planning process, three cherished memories emerge, encapsulating the essence of their extraordinary day.

  1. The breath-taking entrance of the couple into their banquet room, accompanied by the infectious beats of “Feel the Love.” Witnessing their guests’ joyous response and the electric energy in the air was a truly magical experience.
  2. The fashion aspect of the wedding was equally captivating, with Olivia’s stunning looks taking centre stage. The opportunity to collaborate once again with stylist Julianne Costigan, who had been a previous client during her own wedding at Lough Eske Castle in 2019, added an extra layer of excitement. The fusion of creativity and expertise resulted in unforgettable ensembles that perfectly showcased Olivia’s unique style and personality.
  3. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the planning process was the creation of custom floral installations. The team embraced the opportunity to bring Olivia and Daniel’s vision to life, meticulously crafting a design that perfectly suited the occasion. The process was a delight, as it always is when creating bespoke installations for clients, and the final result was a stunning testament to the beauty that can be achieved through personalized and thoughtful design.



Planning & Design | Olivia Buckley International
Venue | Adare Manor
Church Ceremony | Holy Trinity Church
Floral Design | The French Touch Florist
Bridal Gown | Mark Ingram
Stylist | Julianne Costigan
Photography | Sarah Falugo
Videography | Dreamcatcher Films
Make Up | Tara MakeUp
Hair Stylist | Dylan Bradshaw
Stationery | Appleberry Atelier
Drink Reception Music | Laura Zimmerman
Entertainment | The Event Band
Catering | Adare Manor
Sound | CAVS
Staging | Gorilla