Olivia Buckley International

Ashford Castle Wedding Weekend

Cong, Ireland

In the verdant expanse of the West of Ireland, Ashford Castle stands as a timeless testament to history and romance. Here, amidst its ancient walls, Steven and Saba Eslami etched their transcendent love story—a destination wedding orchestrated by Olivia Buckley International that wove together Western customs and the vibrant hues of Persian heritage. This extraordinary celebration was shrouded in intrigue as Steven and Saba decided to keep the wedding venue a secret, turning the event into a thrilling adventure for their guests. With whispers of anticipation, the dense forest parted, revealing the majestic Ashford Castle — a breathtaking revelation for all who embarked on this clandestine journey. Their ceremony, a symphony of tradition and heartfelt gestures, paid homage to cherished memories and familial bonds. Music, a melodious tapestry woven by their gifted circle, resonated through the ancient stones, leaving an indelible emotional imprint on the entire weekend. The wedding seamlessly blended refined elegance with the spirited allure of the 1920s, honoring the castle’s grace. As daylight surrendered to dusk, the ambiance transformed into an Art Deco masterpiece beneath a bespoke lakeside marquee—a grand finale where history, tradition, and modernity converged, painting a timeless tapestry of love against the storied backdrop of Ashford Castle.