Olivia Buckley International



Olivia and her exceptional team masterfully compose every element of your celebration from corporate and private parties to destination wedding planning. Masters in the art of logistics, our imagination and creativity knows no bounds. From the inception of Olivia Buckley International, Olivia identified three key services that transform an event into a truly spectacular celebration: planning, design and luxury concierge. 

These three pillars form the basis of our service and your seamless experience. Through strategy, design and execution, we catapult a concept into a dynamic, arresting event.  Our international reputation for creating exclusive events and delivering first-class service with perfection and discretion, our unique ability to adapt in the ever-changing world of events allows us to continue to reimagine the benchmarks of our creative industry.


Your vision, your aims, your style, and your needs guide our team to expertly map out the most incredible event design and meticulously planned production with an exceptional event flow. Throughout the event planning process, all the information relating to your event will be stored in our online system, allowing full transparency of every event element. We propose creative vendors, ensuring your personality is authentically captured, and manage your chosen vendors throughout the entire process. We ensure the highest standards in the planning stages and during your live event. We manage all timelines, proposals, budgets, processes and event schedules for every logistical detail imaginable from creative vendor meetings and site visits, comprehensive timelines for all internal and external teams, overseeing event details at your chosen venue from event flow, event design, guest logistics, travel, childcare, health and safety regulations and permits.


We look at design differently. We know how to bring many event layers together to define a very distinct experience. Authenticity and innovation are at the core of our values. We embrace the possibilities of using indigenous materials working with local craftsmanship and creative artistry combined with cutting edge technology to design a world where every stimulus is awakened. Olivia and our in-house design team portray your vision on sketches and design decks, capturing how all five senses will be ignited. Our creative compositions are the blueprint of your event, which detail the build and aesthetic required to reach the desired finish. With our substantial pool of contacts in each area of design, we identify which creative vendors are most apposite for your event style. Our vetted creative partners are not only conceptually accomplished, but are experts in installation, allowing for accurate finish on your dream design. The finished design is a reflection of your taste, style and vision.


We deliver the ultimate experience for clients and guests alike, ensuring that each event is perfectly executed down to the very last detail. Our dedicated Luxury Concierge team provide a tailor-made guest relations service and are in place to exclusively manage and realise any of your guests queries or wishes. This distinctive service will be a consistent support to you and your guests throughout the entire planning process and during your event. Our Luxury Concierge team will also be major support for your RSVP management, ensuring all vital information for your guests is captured.  With the support of our design team, a bespoke event website will be created for you. The website will document essential event details, accommodation recommendations and key travel tips. Your event website is fitted with strong security measures ensuring the upmost privacy for our clients and their guests. 


We limit our services to a very exclusive number each year, to ensure we can dedicate our time to each client and provide an exceptional planning experience.