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Save the (New) Date

Look closely at the present you are constructing, it should look like the future you are dreaming – Alice Walker

Our relationship with the outside world, to each other, and to society, has changed. A paradigm shift like no other, the actions and effects of COVID-19 have magnified what we see, what we feel, and what we take for granted. Interestingly, some might say, it may be all for the greater good.

Now is our chance to master the art of slowing down and switching off from the relentless pace of everyday life. It is a time to be accountable and productive and to live within the boundaries that we will not let define us. A time to marvel at the wonder of what surrounds us and appreciate all that is good in our lives. Let us be at one with nature and acknowledge that everything is as it should be. Nature epitomises slow living. Everything moves and grows in its own time, and now so should we.  

Olivia Buckley International, Luxury Wedding Planner, Destination Weddings Ireland, Irish Wedding

For those of you that have been forced to postpone or cancel your upcoming nuptials as a result of coronavirus, we are so sorry that your special day has been affected by this unprecedented situation. We understand that you are experiencing anxious moments and unforeseen stress during this time and we hope in some way that our thoughts and words will help you through the worry of the unknown. Of course, the bigger picture puts everything into perspective as we consider the overall impact of this global pandemic. There is no precedent in living history that we can refer to for guidance. All we can do is our best to get through it, one day at a time. Our vast experience in the world of weddings and events has taught us that there is no obstacle too great and no challenge is too difficult. At a time when so many of us feel unsure about the unknown, let us come together and embrace this time in our lives to look forward and never turn back.

Moments like these also present sudden and unexpected opportunities. A medium of human empathy, generosity and understanding is quietly presenting itself and it is a beautiful sight to see. Whatever your circumstances are, little accomplishments remind us that we still have control of our daily lives.

Olivia Buckley International, Luxury Wedding Planner, Destination Weddings Ireland, Irish Wedding

Why not take this time to reflect on the individual elements of your wedding. Think about the music you have chosen for different parts of your day. Music is so powerful and can transport you to a familiar and comforting place. It evokes emotion and can really reinforce the feelings you want to create and the memories you want to treasure forever. Explore the different genres of music – you don’t have to choose selections of music because you think it is what you should choose, or what you heard at your friend’s wedding, choose music and lyrics that have real meaning to you both as a couple. Your chosen pieces of music can convey a beautiful message to your guests and help to tell the story of you as a couple throughout the day and night. Don’t be afraid to think outside the music box. Obviously you want the main feeling to be love, but you can also surprise your guests with instrumental versions of a popular piece of music. Have fun mixing it up and experimenting with different and unexpected genres. You can find inspiration from soundtracks, classic movies, romantic melodies and music applications to compile a list that you would not have considered previously. Apps like Shazam and SoundHound are excellent for identifying the names of the artists and songs that you love but don’t know the name of. You could also work on a theme to tie your processional music together. Music from similar genres and eras can come together perfectly to create a seamless flow and tempo. It is also a good idea to read the lyrics of songs – really read them. Lyrics can have such a lasting effect and are a powerful expression of the emotion you want your guests to be part of.

To really personalise your ceremony, you could choose your own processional song and keep it a secret until you walk down the aisle. Let your musicians and singers know your chosen song and look forward to a truly magical moment of surprise on your partner’s face. Use this time to create a playlist for your band. Don’t be afraid to give them direction and advise them what your song choices and music preferences are.

Olivia Buckley International, Luxury Wedding Planner, Destination Weddings Ireland, Irish Wedding

You can also use this time to create a new storyboard if your wedding will now be taking place at a different time of year. Enjoy the transition and get lost in a brand new work in progress. Spend time working on your vows if you are exchanging them during your blessing. Even if you are not writing them from scratch, think about what you would like to say to each other on the day. Wedding vows are the most beautiful words that you will share with your partner. Make the most of this time to gather your thoughts to sum up your love for each other. What you love about them and how they make you feel, as well as your hopes and dreams for your future together. Look up poetry, movies, songs and quotes to gather some inspiration.

Olivia Buckley International, Luxury Wedding Planner, Destination Weddings Ireland, Irish Wedding
Olivia Buckley International, Luxury Wedding Planner, Destination Weddings Ireland, Irish Wedding

Take this opportunity to focus on your choice of cuisine and beverages. Even if you want to stick to a traditional five course meal, there are so many innovative and interesting ways to make your menu as delicious and different as possible. Even if you want to extend your overall theme and aesthetic to your menu choices, you can add a twist of creativity to your carefully chosen canapés and exquisite midnight feast. It is also important to consider the time of year your wedding will be taking place as this will have an impact on the availability and price of your preferred choices. Choosing a menu that is appropriate to the season will ensure your guests will be treated to tastes and flavors that will please every palette. Let your imagination run wild as you blissfully scroll through Pinterest and gather inspiration from gastronomy blogs and websites. Take some time to speak with your catering team and don’t be afraid to enquire about different options and take their suggestions on board. Feel free to discuss the possibilities of changing things up by creating delicious displays and mouthwatering menus.

Whether you are a novice or a wine connoisseur, explore the world of wine etiquette and tasting notes to discover the perfect pairing for your chosen dishes. One of the most reliable and downloaded applications, Vivino uses community data to suggest personalised wine recommendations with the largest library of wine from around the globe. It enables users to take a photo of any wine label or wine list with their mobile phone as it instantly identifies the wine delivery ratings, reviews and average price per bottle. It also allows you to track the wine you have previously tried by rating and commenting on the wine. The best wines in the world are there to be enjoyed and this is a perfect way of finding them. After all, a wedding meal without good wine is like a day without sunshine, so at least you can have control over one of the elements on your big day!

Olivia Buckley International, Luxury Wedding Planner, Destination Weddings Ireland, Irish Wedding
Olivia Buckley International, Luxury Wedding Planner, Destination Weddings Ireland, Irish Wedding

Well-being is everything at this time. Try and start your morning with a calming routine. As soon as you wake up, take a few minutes to be quiet and still. The simple act of taking time out to reflect, release tension, slow down and be present will help you to create a much more positive outlook on life. You will soon find that you are wasting less energy on stress and reactive behaviour. By being accountable, we are also stepping up to the challenge. Quite literally, setting a goal of 10,000 steps per day will make us accountable to ourselves an soon we will find that we are enjoying a productive and regular routine. Pedometer is a brilliant application to keep an eye on those goals. It uses your phone’s built-in accelerometer to track your daily steps, workouts and activity data. Plus it is free to download and use so you have no excuse not to give it a go! Maybe you have always wanted to learn yoga, plant vegetables, learn a new language, or maybe you just want to play music and enjoy art, Similarly, gently wind down in the evenings to allow your body and time to rest. Sent aside an hour to run a bath, read a book or listen to soothing music. Unplugging from social media and limiting your screen time will work wonders for a deep and restful sleep. Before you go to bed, take a few moments to sit quietly under the night sky. Living in alignment with your natural rhythms will help you to find joy in the simple things in life.

Think of all the good days that lie ahead. Life will get back to normal, our routines will return, our lifestyles will get busy again, and we might even find ourselves missing the quiet pace of life that we have become accustomed to. We are living in a time when everybody is ready for a celebration of love, joy and hope. Start with the end goal (your new wedding date) and work backwards. By setting a new timeframe and listing in order of preference what is most important, it will be much more manageable. Set deadlines for each week, make a decision and move onto the next task. Everything will start to fall into place, just like it did the first time around.

Olivia Buckley International, Luxury Wedding Planner, Destination Weddings Ireland, Irish Wedding
Olivia Buckley International, Luxury Wedding Planner, Destination Weddings Ireland, Irish Wedding


If you have hired an event planner, they will be with you every step of the way during this unprecedented challenge. If the idea of starting the whole process again seems like a daunting task, why not look into the possibility of hiring a wedding planner? The logistics of cancelling and sourcing new suppliers takes time and attention so a wedding planner can manage all of this for you. Now might be the best time ever to invest in an experienced and knowledgeable team who can bring your vision back to life in an instant. Experienced event management companies and destination wedding planners are there if you need a helping hand.

It is always a good idea to create your own planning system. This will allow you to keep track of your new suppliers without losing contacts and correspondence of your previous bookings. Whether you choose spreadsheets, software, applications or another form of data management, the best wedding planners in the world rely on tools like these to communicate with their suppliers. It is so important to keep track of every email, message and phone call with your suppliers as many important details can fall through the cracks very easily. Our advice would be to keep on top of all correspondence as best you can to avoid problems occurring down the line.

Olivia Buckley International, Luxury Wedding Planner, Destination Weddings Ireland, Irish Wedding


Your suppliers and vendors will work with you to reschedule and will do their very best to be available for you at a later date. They will have measures in place at this stage to accommodate your queries. Unfortunately, they might be already committed to other weddings on your new date so now is the time to look at alternative suppliers. The industry as a whole is geared up for this so you will find that many suppliers will work with you outside of your basic contractual rights. Work with them to discuss potential postponements dates and try to understand their position also.


We recommend that you check the wording and fine print on your insurance policy. Most importantly, check the dates that are included as this will determine the timeframe that you are covered for. Generally, wedding insurance provides cover for unforeseen circumstances but many companies have underwritten new clauses to cover this particular crisis.


It would be a good idea to get in touch with your guests to let them know what is happening. Prioritise those who will be traveling long distances. As soon as your venue confirms that you will need to postpone to a later date, share some new provisional dates with those closest to you. As most people are at home right now with extra time on their hands, not only will it give them something to look forward to, they will also have more time to help out with your new ideas and plans.

Comparison can be the thief of joy so don’t be influenced about what everyone else is doing. This is your special time. It will be your day, your way. Remember that your wedding will be your very own love story. And it will be even better than you ever dreamed it would be.

If there was ever a time to slow down and appreciate our privileged position in life, that time is now. We will all be together again and we will be closer than ever before. We will look back in awe and wonder and celebrate our resilience and bravery. We will use this precious time to embrace the fact that we have been given the gift of time. And as we look forward to the day when we can hug our family, meet our friends and spend time with those we love again, let’s just live in the here and now. The present is precious and the future is worth waiting for. And it will be, we promise you that.