Olivia Buckley International


Ashford Castle, Ireland

Join Ryan and Rosalie on an enchanting journey within the legendary Ashford Castle. Their celebration, spanning three magical days, paid homage to nature, folklore, and the allure of curiosity. At its peak, their wedding day resonated with the essence of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” held within a bespoke greenhouse adorned with vintage accents and blossoms—a union of nature and romance.

The festivities commenced with a warm welcome at Cullen’s at the Cottage, followed by The Solstice Celebration on the shores of Lough Corrib. Among an intimate circle of 40 cherished friends, rituals intertwined with Cormac Begley’s concertina melodies.

The Wedding Day unfolded as an ode to love, art, and music in The Walled Garden under the ‘chilly’ tree. Ryan’s guitar strumming serenaded Rosalie’s graceful walk up the aisle, flanked by her loving parents.

Throughout the celebrations, guests embarked on a journey evoking the spirit of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Each space transitioned with hints of color and magical elements, immersing guests in nature’s embrace. From an outdoor drinks reception amidst overgrown florals to The Greenhouse’s mystical transformation for the evening’s late-night revelry, hand-crafted symbols guided guests alongside Lough Corrib to an otherworldly experience—a grand meld of indoor and outdoor wonder, where the dreams of Midsummer bloomed.

This unforgettable celebration, curated by Olivia Buckley International, wove together history, tradition, and modernity—a testament to love, art, and the timeless magic of Ashford Castle in Ireland.

Photographs by Story of Eve