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12 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding in Ireland

If you are dreaming of a destination wedding in Europe, you may first consider the shores of Lake Como or a vineyard in the South of France. While the beauty of southern Europe is renowned, the romance and enchantment of a destination wedding in Ireland are truly unmatched. It has been my honour to plan and design weddings all across our beautiful island for the past twenty years. Although a small island, you will certainly not be limited as we continuously welcome new venues, new entertainment and new creative discoveries to our Irish portfolio. Your wedding in Ireland can be incredibly original and unique, wowing your guests from the moment they step off their plane. Here are our twelve reasons to have a destination wedding in Ireland.

Olivia Buckley International hosts phenomenal destination weddings in Ireland with incredible ceremony backdrop.


Ireland is the land of a “hundred thousand welcomes,” an expression which serves as the foundation of Irish hospitality. Ireland’s world-class service has been recognised by leading publications such as Condé Nast and Irish luxury venues consistently win global awards, such as Virtuoso. Irish people are famously warm and friendly, often pulling up a barstool and sharing stories over a pint of Guinness. From lending directions on the roadside to elaborate five-star service, the Irish people will guarantee that your destination wedding is personal and magical.


With lush fields, staggering mountains and spellbinding peninsulas, Ireland is home to Europe’s most beautiful scenery. The Irish climate is consistent: cool and cloudy, which has had remarkable benefits for the Irish landscape. The verdure is strong, green and everywhere. Every corner of rural Ireland has indigenous wildflowers, fresh air, untouched rivers and quiet forests. Your wedding photo album will be as dynamic as Ireland itself. In Ireland, the jewel of Europe’s crown, you can claim iconic landscapes such as the Cliffs of Moher, Killarney National Park, the Connemara region and the world-famous Wild Atlantic Way as your backdrop.


Home to acclaimed creative vendors, extraordinary event collaborators and world-renowned event planners, Ireland is riveting with exclusive talent. From floral artists to lighting experts, entertainment managers to sound technicians, Ireland’s pool of experts create jaw-dropping spectacles, surpassing the flair of Los Angeles, the chicness of New York and the extravagance of London. Ireland’s highly-experienced wedding planners are the masters behind Europe’s most extravagant and elite events. Ireland’s National Tourism Board vetted Irish wedding planners and recognised  Olivia Buckley International for its contribution to the global events industry and regarded Olivia as a top expert in event design and production. The calibre of Irish talent has attracted clients from as far as Singapore and Australia to host their destination wedding in Ireland.  

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Ireland’s fascinating history is reflected in its diverse range of architectural properties. Different eras are distinguished in various structures and stonework, dotted all across Ireland. Many of these historical edifices have been renovated into five-star luxury wedding venues that are home to the most beautiful destination weddings in Europe, from medieval masterpieces such as Ashford CastleDromoland Castle and Luttrellstown Castle to the neo-gothic Adare Manor, beautiful Palladian Cashel Palace and regency style Ballyfin Demense and The Shelbourne Hotel. Each property pays homage to its elaborate history with refined décor and authentic art. When you step into these properties, you step into a different world. And for your wedding, this world belongs exclusively to you.


Ireland has characterful culture, brimming with traditions, customs and good luck charms that enrich wedding celebrations. Many Irish wedding traditions have been adopted across the world: the wedding veil and wedding bells to name a few. Irish wedding traditions are considerably beautiful. Handfasting has become immensely popular in Irish ceremonies; a Celtic tradition that binds hands with a braid and signifies the binding of two lives. Incorporating Irish traditions into your wedding celebration is an amazing way to treat your guests to a new experience and embrace the romance of Ireland.


Wholesome, authentic and nutritious cuisine is what Ireland is known for, made with heart from farm to table. Ireland is surrounded by water, filled with an abundance of fruits of the sea. Fresh-water oysters, lobsters, mussels, prawns and monkfish are only a taste of why Ireland’s seafood is deemed the best in the world.  The temperate Irish climate fosters the nutritious green fields that our farm animals graze upon contributes to Ireland’s full, rich, marbling meat. Many of Ireland’s luxury wedding venues are home to Michelin star restaurants and world-renowned chefs such as Michael Tweedy in The Oak Room, Adare Manor and John Kelly in Lady Helen Restaurant, Mount Juliet. From canapés to desserts, your guests will be enthralled with the selection of fine bread, cheese, meats and fish. Your guests will receive a symphony of flavours, textures and delicacies that they will yearn for long after they depart the Emerald Isle.​ 

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Irish music and dance is lively, dynamic and inclusive. Everyone is embraced to take part. Songs are embedded with rich storytelling and rallied by a rhythmic beat that makes it impossible to remain in your seat. Your guests will be enthralled by the sheer ‘craic’ that they will celebrate in the best style: on the dancefloor. Irish entertainers are exceptionally talented and combine their flair for storytelling and musical abilities to create once-in-a-lifetime performances. Whether you choose a traditional Irish band with bodhráns, accordions, and fiddles or opt for a contemporary style with chart-topping artists such as Hozier, Dermot Kennedy or Picture This, you and your guests will be on the dancefloor all night. There is a reason why flip flops are typically provided at Irish weddings.


Serving as the gateway to Europe, Ireland ideally sits between the United States and continental Europe, making it convenient for guests to travel from all corners of the world. Only a one and half hour flight from Paris, two and half hours from Milan and six hours from New York means that international creative vendors can travel with ease to Ireland. Ireland is a small country; you and your guests can conveniently journey from the airport to your venue in a very short time, allowing you more time to rejuvenate ahead of your wedding celebrations. 


From the famous Cliffs of Moher to old medieval abbeys, your wedding ceremony can take place in the most iconic and exclusive locations in Europe. With so many enchanting and magical areas in Ireland, you have an unlimited choice of backdrop for your ceremony. Ireland’s strict heritage site regulations mean that only the best wedding planners can secure your dream location. As Ireland’s leading wedding and event planners, we have an established history of creating events at the most elusive locations in Ireland. Can you imagine being the first and only couple to get married at your wedding location? ​ 


With world-famous resorts, spa destination hotels, rustic cabins and quirky glamping, Ireland is brimming with amazing honeymoon destinations to begin your amazing marriage adventure. Journey across Europe’s most beautiful scenic settings and bear witness to the landscapes that inspired some of the world’s most acclaimed writers and poets. If you prefer to lounge in the sun after your Irish wedding celebration, the Mediterranean is only a two-hour flight away.


You would think that overcast and rain are a photographer’s nightmare but the reality is that Ireland’s weather is actually the best weather for portrait photography. The clouds diffuse the light across the sky, creating softer shadows that create more flattering portraits. Wouldn’t it be a shame to have a sunny wedding day in Ireland? 


When you are planning a destination wedding in Europe, the Algarve and the Amalfi Coast might be your first considerations. While beautiful locations, they are mostly exhausted. Offering your guests a completely fresh and new experience can be the most exciting part of celebrating your nuptials in Ireland. Ireland is slowly becoming Europe’s popular wedding destination but you still have the potential to be the first in your circle to have an Irish destination wedding.

Your destination wedding in Ireland can be as enchanting as the Emerald Isle itself, known across the world for its beauty, magic and artistry. By hosting your wedding in the country behind the world’s most famous celebrations, St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween, you can be guaranteed a party celebration steeped in love and charm, that you and your guests will never forget.